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I know a lot of misconceptions about this topic. Plenty ,and most in which will end up saying sick minded. Not, that!
I’m actually a woman born one full fledge cycle and all!
But, I’m addicted to ABR. For many reasons,primarily health reasons. I’m very sensitive to a ton of things! I have frequent breakout reactions to god normal things. It could be something I was around previously and breakout next time. In hives! Yes! Even though I’m super healthy the doctor always says ! Mostly because I’m so organic. Which comes to my next reason breast milk it taste better than any milk I would ever drink! Realistically we’re not supposed to digest cows milk! And, I tried others and I get sick! Lastly I love it for comfort reasons! I sleep better. Normally I suffer from sleep anxiety. But,being attached to the breast for however long I find that I sleep ! So, for me it’s comforting.
If I didn’t mention before I’m 30years old.
No , I’m well educated currently a nursing student. Which is stressful enough! Than, I’m fully background checked! Nothing on my records! I got into ABR , when I started dating a girl who lost her child and had an abundance of milk. And, I began to drink it til it was dried out! I was hooked my health was better I’d have more energy! And , I slept better! No kidding! So, I’m looking for a clean woman fully tested in the Las Vegas area! That would not care about letting me have some ABR. Time of course I’ll compensate. But, I feel like if I can find an organic way to relax and have energy! And wean off coffee then I’d be so happy! Man! Thanks
Greatly appreciated
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