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Thoughts anyone?
I have just returned to work from maternity leave and i breastfed my baby. I pump on all my breaks and lunch. Well i pumped this last Thursday and left my milk in the fridge at work, only to come to find out today that a fellow male associate was complaining about my milk being left in the fridge and started complaining along with my boss and starting saying it's a hazardous waste..and its bodily fluids etc. And so my boss threw away my milk. Yet in the fridge there are open Starbucks cups and drinks that if spilled do have saliva in it. Anyone who breastfeeds knows how important their milk is. I work really hard to keep my milk going, and to throw any away kills me. It makes me mad that 2 men, I mean "boys"have a problem with breastmilk. Can your work do that?
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