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Hi everyone, needing some help and advice. I have been EBF my almost 4 month old daughter, though we are starting to introduce a bottle as she starts daycare next week. Over the week or so she has started to fuss a bit at the breast, she will feed well for a couple of minutes, correctly latched and doing good swallows, but then will start pulling straight off the breast backwards, do a little cry and re-latch and repeat a few times until I put her on the other side until she starts doing the same thing. I try getting her to burp between sides but nothing will come up until after she has been on the other breast.

Could my breastmilk not be satisfying her anymore? Or a growth spurt? Or could she be deciding a bottle is better because she doesn't have to work as hard to get the milk out? I'm not ready to stop breastfeeding but will put her on a bottle if it ends up being the best option for her being properly fed and continue to express milk and mix feed between formula and breastmilk.

Any help will be greatly appreciated, I'm starting to stress about this and I'm sure it isn't helping the situation. Thanks everyone 😉
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