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First time mom here. 
I have had a hard time figuring out what is going to be easier for me and whats best for the baby. She is 5 weeks old. She's able to bottle feed and breastfeed. We are having ups and downs with which one will be better. I am feeling like she does better when she is bottle feeding, but I don't want to take her off the boob because I don't want to take away the bond the boob gives. and on top of that I don't know exactly the amount to feed her with the bottle every time, or when to up the amount. We aren't doing good on scheduling either. I don't know when to pump before/after I feed her, or how long it will take to replenish. We seem to be on different schedules. So I just wait and let my boobs fill up and get engorged because I get so thrown off.  
all that being said what are the pros and cons of going strictly to pumping? or strictly to breast feeding? or a good system to doing both?

you would think I would know a little more by now, but I haven't really had anyone to walk me through this. when we were in the hospital they didn't explain anything. just showed me how to get her on the boob and that was it. the rest I just figured out, so whether im doing it right is a while different story. 

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