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Hi, i have been taking pregnacare vitamins for breastfeeding mothers since my son was born for 8 months. My midwife said as my son is over 6 months and breastfeeds he should be taking vitamins every day until hes 5 years old. I told her i am already taking vitamins so surely he would be getting enough from my breastmilk? As i was worried he will be getting too many vitamins in his diet, She said he will be having less milk now anyway so shouldnt really be a problem. He has started solids but he still has lots of feeds esp through the night as he doesnt sleep through yet and its prob more for comfort. So i was wondering if maybe i should just give him vitd drops every day instead of his vit and mineral supplement that contains iron etc(well baby vitabiotics which is twice daily) it just seems a lot for him to take! Anybody else in this situation??
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