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Hi everyone, my little angel just turned one at the end of February. At this point, I'm not entirely sure if I want to wean or if I'm just frustrated with nursing. My daughter and I had a very difficult nursing journey in the beginning. She was born at 5.14 and her weight then dropped to just 5 pounds while waiting for my milk to come in. Because of this she was obviously very tiny and had a very difficult time latching. After days and days she finally started to catch on. When she was a month old I ended up with mastitis in both breasts, due to her difficulty latching and my very cracked nipples. My lactation consultant introduced me to the nipple shield and she did amazing with it. After using that until she got bigger and more efficient we were able to stop using it.
She bed shared with me from five months to ten months. My husband and I finally got her sleeping in her own crib and she's adjusting very well to that. However, at a year old I was still feeding her two to three times a night. Finally it dawned on us that it's not that she particularly NEEDS it in the night, it was more of a confirmation that if she woke in the night I was still there and would let her nurse. Just last night my husband went in instead of me the two times she woke up and let her know we were still there and she went right back to sleep with no fuss at all! Yes!!! It was literally the first night since she's been born that I haven't nursed in the night or gotten out of bed for one reason or another. But this is were my frustrations are...
I've always let my daughter lead her own nursing. For the past three months she has wanted to nurse constantly, nursing for a minute, climbing off my lap just to climb right back up again to latch... All. day. long. No exaggeration. Because of this we introduced a sippy with whole milk and after a few weeks she took to it and will now drink it as long as I'm not around or she can not have access to me (in her carseat). I'm to the point where I have to create boundaries for her, for my own sanity. I love breastfeeding her but at some point in the near future I am going to want to end our incredible nursing journey, and I feel like that goal will be nearly impossible if she continues like this. I want to get her down to nursing only first thing in the morning, naps, and bedtime. I'm not sure how I can achieve this. Any tips? I've thought about maybe bringing her back to her glider in her room to strictly nurse at these times, so that she knows she cannot just nurse anywhere anytime. And possibly have less distraction so that she nurses longer and gets more to fill her up. I literally cannot sit down anywhere at home because she will be in my lap up and down nursing the second I do.
Sorry for the length of this, just wanted to include as much about her as I could.
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