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Hey mamas, my son is now 7 months old and since he was born I’ve been actively breastfeeding with no bottle. I’ve tried pumping and I stored a lot of milk but he never liked taking a bottle and I felt like I was pumping for nothing because he wouldn’t eat anything. So I gave up trying that but now I’m needing to go back to work and am desperately wanting him to take a bottle because he only wants me and only wants to nurse and when I ask anyone to babysit I can tell it’s frustrating because he will cry until I came back from whatever I am doing. I want to wean him off completely and that’s including night feedings as well. Like just cold turkey because I will have to work nights so that way my husband wcan work days and watch the kids while I work. Any recommendations on a bottle he will take and what I can do to get him to bottle feed only??
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